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Cambridge CELTA assignment: Focus on the learner

Part A

My student’s name is Corrado, he’s 42 years old and his L1 is italian. He is an entrepreneur. In fact, he owns a bar where he works with two friends. However, he doesn’t need English at work as I thought. He loves to travel and that’s the main reason for him to learn English: he’s been to London many times and he would like to travel to the US as well and also he likes to organize his own trips so he needs English also to book hotels and flights online.
He’s studied English only in school and (he says) with a terrible teacher who gave him no motivation. When he was travelling, he was always with friends who knew English very well so he was not led to try to talk himself.
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2) I have started to work in 1992: here the problem is both with form and meaning because he knows past simple but again he translates word for word and so “ho iniziato” becomes “have started”. Probably he’s heard present perfect before but he has no idea about the correct use of this tense.
3) I have open a bar with 2 friends: here I think he made the same mistake as above plus he translated the verb “aperto” as an adjective so that’s why he chose “open” and not “opened” as above.
Pronunciation: as many italians, he pronunce the word “interesting” as “interèsted” (word stress). Also he has some problems with rhythm (he tends to speak in a syllable-timed manner) and with weak forms, especially in questions (eg: where are you from? = he separates all the words with the result of having a stress on each one). He’s not really aware of the correct pronunciation but he responds well to correction and he’s able to repeat immediately in the correct way.
Vocabulary: contrary to what happens with tenses, Corrado uses correctly the vocabulary he knows.

Part C

First of all Corrado needs clarification about the basic tenses (present simple, present continuous and past simple) because he knows the form but he doesn’t really know how and when to use them. Also, he need to practice writing so both the activities I’ve choosen are written activities. When he’ll be more confident