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Short and long term goals
My short term goal which I will do my best to have it accomplished by the end of this year because thats what I believe I deserve is to have my assosiate degree completed and this will help me getting promoted to assistant manager in my company. Besides understanding and learning the fundamentals of marketing through out this class, which will provide me with the knowledge of the marketing stratiegies whether to manage promoting any product or promoting my ownslef. In addittion during this class
I will do reaserch about the political marketing which will attach me to my long term goals.
My long term goal will start within the next year will be having my bachelor`s degree completed. No doubt that being in a market like new york for 5 years gave me a big advantage and experience about the business life. Therefore my plan is to move out to another market such as the europian market to gain more experience about management, economics and leadership to develop my own skills to start my own business in my country Egypt. The business that im planning to start is import and export besides my intention to serve my community by being a memeber of the Egyptian Congress to represent the youth of my city. So, my 5 yeras plan is to learn as much as I can about business, politics and economics in the modern countries such as America, England and Emirates to apply all my knowledge to the Egyptian society.

Topic Statement & Company Analysis 2

My plan is to start an international import and export company. Being an Egyptian American gives me a big advantage of knowing most of both countries needs besides the fact that i have worked for an export organization before in Egypt. This sort of companies are all over now that's why it makes it difficult to target a market and provide what`s new to the consumer with a great price and good service. My first step will be exporting to Egypt and im not planning to work import and export such as the hundreds of companies out there that import pencils, batteries, and other lighters. Because i believe if that was my goal this would increase the level of competition because there are already so many products such as these successful and flooding the Egyptian market.
My goal is to go down to the market and find out the real requirements that the market needs and build the knowledge of what the consumer wants to get, but it does not exist in the market and here comes my role as an import and export to able to provide these requirements. As a result this will be the guarantor of the success of the project due to the lack of such companies and bring any product that will be easy to promote and sell withing the market.
After the studying the Egyptian market specially on the car field i found that most of the tourism companies dont use any luxury or suv cars due to the very high prices so instead they use medium size cars which sometimes have a bad impact on their clients. On the other hand those who have the luxury cars they raise the prices on their clients in order to cover their expenses and make a profit. Recently Egyptian Customs issued a law not to add any Customs on any export company that is dealing with tourism organizations to export cars and because of the money value between the US Dollar and the Egyptian Pound, the Egyptian market is great for me. For instance a car here cost 20000$ including the shipping could be sold in Egypt for 35000$ but it has to be a certain type of cars. In addition we can give a very great facilities to our partners such as a credit line for a year if they buy more than 5 cars because this will help them to provide a better service to their clients and reduce the prices as well.
Also the personal cars in Egypt are very expensive so after studying the market in Egypt i found out that a very good percentage of the Egyptian youth are using old cars, and there is a very high demand but there is no enough supply. The Egyptian Customs