Cable Service Gone Wrong Essay

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Cable Service Gone Wrong

DeVry University

Like millions of others people around the world, I love to watch television. I usually spend at least four to five hours a day watching anything from cartoons with my daughter to a good movie or the Discovery Channel. By Comcast cable being the only cable t. v. provider in my area and not knowing much about satellite service, I subscribed to it. Unfortunately I did not expect the type of cable service that lay ahead. Comcast Cable service delivers exceptionally high rates, horrible phone customer service, and unreliable technical support within the company; these three key components made me a pretty dissatisfied customer. I can honestly say this cable subscription was not the best price decision I ever made. My first time out on my own as a young adult, I was anxious and ready to make to make my own decisions. Like so many other companies, they hit the customer with first time offers and deals one can’t resist. The introductory rate was fine for the first 6 months it lasted. After that period ended, the prices rose drastically. Since I could not afford an almost two hundred dollar cable bill, I had to end up dropping channels and downgrading to a smaller cable package. Not to mention the high cable fees for each cable box that’s needed and I had to have three. Then there are the other fees that go along with the service that could not be avoided such as all sorts of state and local sales tax and service fees. This just was not the ideal cable company.
When experiencing a problem or question in general, the phone customer service was even worse. This cable television service was always experiencing a high number call volume. The wait time was sometimes an hour before I could speak with a representative. As an alternative, they will usually offer to give the caller a ring back in the order it was received. I don’t know about anyone else, but my daily schedule is already time limited I expect to speak to someone when I call. When I finally would get somebody on the phone, the conversation usually resulted with me speaking to the supervisor to get anything accomplished. The representatives were rude and almost always told me there was little or nothing they could do to improve my situation. No company’s customer service department should be run in this fashion. After I’m done talking…