Call Of The Wild Book Vs Book

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In “Call of the Wild”, Jack London captures the story of Buck in a unique way. That is by letting readers go into the mind of the dog without seeming hokey. As well it gives a real adventure and look into the history of the Yukon. Although, The movie of this poignant, powerful, yet still remorse book is told completely different from the original story. Throughout the film, it is noticeable all the differences and similarities between the book and the movie. For instance, the perspective of both are completely different. And since the story is told in a different perspective, it changes the plot entirely. This is just one of many differences throughout the movie from the original.

To begin with, the differences in both of these stories are excruciatingly contrasting. For instance, in the book, John Thornton is poor and needs to go to the Conduct because he actually needs the money. Unlike in the book, whereas John Thornton is rich and leaves to the conduct because he wants to show to his father that he is not a boy but man. Also there is the fact that when Buck is kidnapped by the gardener and given to the man in the red sweater, he is not actually in a red sweater which takes off the significance and symbolization that represents him. Another confusing differentiation is how Buck meets John Thornton way earlier in the movie. Whereas in the book, Buck only sees him in chapter 5. Likewise, once the viewers see John Thornton's characteristics and personality, they are completely different from his original self in the book. In the film John is inexperienced, whiny, very complaining, and is in his twenties. In the book, he is originally supposed to be experienced, knowledgeable, strong, and in his forties which he is not in the movie. The movie never takes time to introduce the dogs, their is no fight between Buck and the wild wolf pack, there is no mountain sled team that joined Buck's team in catching the rabbit, No dreams or visions seen on the fire, No fight in the bar between John Thornton and Black Burton. John Thornton never hesitated to pay or bet money on Buck in the bar. Besides, the amount of money and distance were also wrong and it was done on mud instead of ice and snow. Buck's fight with the moose was never included and the ending was very quick. An immense diversion though, is the perspective the movie was told in, which in this case was John Thornton instead of Buck. Because the perspective in the movie was told through John