Calyx and Corolla Essay

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Calyx and Corolla
By Rajesh Naidu

Calyx and Corolla

The present analysis of the case Calyx and Corolla, a mail order flower retail company is rather a descriptive one without leading to any conclusion and finding any causative reasons. The present case is analysed and presented in various sections encompassing the organisation and its management, the relationships with the key players – how it led to its success, its growth in terms of volumes and profits. A comparative study has been given evaluating the efficiencies of the traditional supply chain and the innovative route that has been followed by Calyx and Corolla. Economics of these supply chains have been provide wherever necessary. Strengths of the company are
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This might have proved the required drive to work efficiently.
• Senior management maintained has worked meticulously and took personal care in training and working with these individual.
2.6 Weaknesses of the organisational structure

Role clarity could not be observed to a greater extent. The senior executives were taking care of a number of tasks for eg. Mr Fran who is operation manager is also looking after finance and marketing. Though in short run its going on fine but in the long run it can have serious implications.
3. Relationships
3.1 Building relationship with the growers

In the business model of C&C, growers form a vital component. Owade’s acquaintances with the growers proved an important part of this whole supply chain management. Since growers are the basic unit, Owades worked hard with these growers and established an everlasting relationship with these suppliers. Calyx & Corolla’s growers are located primarily in California, Florida and Hawaii. Suppliers to C&C comprises of a set of large and small growers of which the Largest 8 constitutes 80% of its supplies. The strategy adopted to deal with the growers was that not more than 25% of the whole volume of business is done with a single grower. This was done keeping in mind the nature of crop which is highly susceptible to insect pests and diseases. This was done keeping in mind the nature of crop which is highly susceptible to