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Modern Technology has a big effect on industry and society today because it eases the work being created, and makes it more professional, and therefore also helps the people using the products by making it easier, and more comfortable to use. The producers of the products can now edit the product while still planning it, improving and adding smaller details to the product, as well as being able to go back to it and change any unwanted features. Planning can also become more accurate and detailed.
Autumn Long Piece of Writing: CAM and CAD
Many businesses in the UK now use CAM and CAD to design and produce their products. The meanings for these is Computer Aided Manufacture and Computer Aided Design, and this is when architects, drafters, engineers and artist use a computer software to create plans and construction drawings, and later on manufacture them.
Many companies and businesses have different opinions on this software, but many also say that it is really helpful, as well as professional. The advantages of using these are that in small scale production, the results are always the same; that it allows high accuracy (better than hand drawn); often speeds up production in low-volume products); ideas are able to be saved, and edited; and already existing ideas can be modified. However, like everything else, the softwares also have some disadvantages and these could be that it is very expensive; it’s slower than the traditional methods; the staff needs to be trained in order to learn how to use it; and lastly, that it requires a PC (computer). And so, even if the software is actually really helpful, some companies (for example low budget ones) may find it difficult to use. This is why the program is usually bought by more able sources, to