Essay on Cancer and Cancer Cell Reproduction

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What to do if the mammogram is abnormal?
In the case of observed masses, the most common laboratory tests include ultrasonography
30% of the lesions detected by mammography are microscopic tumors that do not invade deep (carcinoma in situ). These tumors have an excellent prognosis.
The technique is to issue high-frequency sound waves (ultrasound) that bounce when hitting the different structures that arrive and, through a computer, form an image displayed on a screen.
It is a simple and painless test that takes just a few minutes.
It is a complementary test to mammography. Helps distinguish fluid-filled nodules (often benign cysts) of the solid mass (which may be malignant).
It is useful in the case of dense breasts, where mammography is less power to define
Risk Factors
Genetic inheritance, the risk of developing breast cancer in women is up to 3 times higher if the mother or sister suffered before.
Some breast cancers are linked to a specific genetic mutation which, incidentally, is more common in certain ethnic groups and in some families. According to statistics, the likelihood of developing breast cancer among women who have this mutation is between 80% and 90%
The real truth is that these risk factors are responsible for only a fifth or sixth of cancers. 80 or 85 % of cancers are actually due to severe emotional trauma, traumatic unexpected shocks experienced in solitude. Something the majority of oncologist’s ignored.
Achieving diagnostics and preventive steps have the option to reverse the process of cancer cell reproduction without reaching the Lumpectomy, quadrantoctomy or mastectomy.
Sift the immune system of people with certain risk factors for developing breast cancer in women and men of reproductive age.
Tumor markers for breast cancer and cell lock verification apoptosis gene encoding the p53 and Bcl2 protein that counteracts the p53

The immune system is able to destroy any cancer cells before they are played. This would explain why the cancer more likely to develop when the immune system does not function properly, such as people who have a so-called “autoimmune diseases or who take drugs that slow the immune response.

If most cancer is located in the upper outer quadrant of the breast in a patient under 30 with a family history of cancer morbidity and mortality over four generations
Proposed use of ultrasound technique interposing a liquid sheath (lactate) between the breast skin and the transducer, it becomes more sensible to locate wave’s compact tissue of less than 1 cm.

Proposal information permanently nutrients that promote apoptosis to prevent breast cancer…