Capital Punishment Persuasive Essay

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Capital Punishment

Throughout history many different punishments for crime have been instilled and abolished all around the globe. From petty misdemeanors to horrific felonies, the government has always tried its best to ensure the appropriate punishments are arranged to best suite the crime and the criminal. Of course society also has a significant amount of influence over the justice system, because the public’s values and beliefs are the foundation of a democratic country. Canada has a respectful reputation, one that we take pride in and are determined to maintain. In 1976, Canada removed Capital Punishment from the Canadian Criminal Code. It was replaced by a mandatory life sentence without any possibility of parole for 25 years for all first degree murders. The death penalty has always been a topic of controversy, and everyone has their own opinion on the brutal practice. Canada must never reinstate the inhumane procedure that is Capital Punishment.

We have all heard the saying “two wrongs don’t make a right.” It is completely unacceptable to chastise a criminal for murder by ending their life. Killing human life is morally wrong in all situations. Not only is it barbaric and inhumane but, it also lowers the value of human life as seen by society. The general public will see less worth in human existence if the government and justice system demonstrates that taking another’s life is in certain circumstances is conventionally acceptable. Such a cruel and unusual punishment essentially brutalizes society because; it is based on the need for revenge, not justice. The death penalty is murder and must never become a standard punishment.

A frightening factor of Capital Punishment is that there are cases where an innocent person has been killed for a crime they did not commit. Evidence can be strong, but it isn’t always one-hundred percent accurate and let’s not forget about human error. Mistakes are made, it is a simple part of life, but it is no longer “simple” when another life has been wrongly taken. Nova Scotia 19761, Donald Marshall Jr. was convicted of stabbing Sandy Seale. He spent 11 years in prison until he was acquitted in 1983. What if Donald Marshall Jr. was sentenced to death? An innocent man would have died. Also, why wasn't the death penalty his punishment? He was accused of murder but, his punishment was a life sentence and this occurred