Same Sex Marriage Research Paper

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In a country where freedom and acceptance where the founding principals you'd think people would be allowed to marry the ones the loved. You would think that in a nation that allows you to own hand guns and there is capitol punishment people could marry their partner of 10 years and parent of their children. The first answer to the question of why gay people can’t get married is usually “Because the bible says marriage is between a man and a woman” Ok, well to them I have to say America is a free country in which people are allowed to practice what religion they want to the extent of what they want, so why do you get to decide whether or not a stranger you have never met gets to marry the person they love. However for the sake of making this interesting I will humor that statement and show how it is hypocritical. So clearly if the rules of marriage are dictated by the bible and the bible says that marriage MUST be between a man and a woman, then same sex marriage just isn’t allowed. The rules however only apply to straight people when it suits them and they seem to be able to justify contradictory behaviors in their life. Its a double standard and thats what I will talk about today.

When you get married, you’re making a promise to god to be with this person, no matter what, till death do you part. Not till happiness no longer exists, not till money problems become too burdensome, not till you realize your partner is abusive. However, it seems to me like people have made a special provision to allow divorce. Their interpretation of what ‘marriage’ is and the terms of marriage based on the bible has conveniently been altered to allow them to get divorced if and when they need to. The distortion of ‘the rules’ gets even worse when you consider the possibility of an annulment. A marriage can be declared, null ( it never really existed) if certain things can be proven. So my question is, if you can make a provision to allow divorce and if the rules of marriage could be flexible enough to allow annulments, why can’t they be flexible enough to allow two people who love each other to get married, despite them being of the same sex?

Another ridiculous notion is the fact people who don’t support gay marriage say that they can’t marry but they can have a union. It hardly seems fair to say one set of humans can do whatever they please, but yet another set is only allowed this set of privileges. With the only reason being that you don’t like them and what they’re doing? By saying they can ‘form a union, but don’t call it marriage’ you’re saying they should willingly label themselves as a 2nd class couple.

At the end of the day, if you’re going to stand hard and fast by the bible, and say no, gay people cannot get married because the bible says so then you’ll need to stand fast by a whole lot of other things as well,
· NO fornication. This one should be easy, right?
· NO work on Sundays! Hope you don’t need to go to the doctor or supermarket
· NO Capital punishment! No killing around here, not even if it’s in the name of ‘justice’
· NO Lotto, race horses, poker, raffles, or sports betting! Gambling is WRONG! The list of ‘accommodations’ people make in order to do the things they enjoy could go on and on. If you’re so concerned about them doing something wrong, let them! Gays getting married has absolutely no impact on your life. Didn’t Jesus say something about not judging others? Leave that job up to him. Be concerned with yourself and what you may be doing that’s wrong. If they can find a church and a pastor to marry a gay couple, let them do it. The job isn’t yours to judge. As you can see from the VERY short list above, there’s quite a bit of ‘wrong’ that you need to worry about yourself! So, stop discriminating against homosexuals and using the bible and your flexible’ religion as the crutch to do so. You want to be treated with the same rights and provisions as everyone else in