Essay on capitalism a love story

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Diana Delgado MS/HS 368

March 31, 2015
Period 7

Capitalism: A Love Story The sarcasm mentioned in the movie was to solidify the message of how Rome needed to create entertainment events in order to unite and control it's people. An example would be the chariot racing and in some time fighting to the death became popular. "Have and have nots " simply means and refers to the people who have it all and the people who have nothing. Condo vultures are area real estate company that deals with buying foreclosed homes than selling them. In other words stealing people's homes. I strongly believe it is illegal to take people's homes in order to satisfy themselves. Free being the word that represents greater variety and value to choose between goods that people want made. Bush believes that capitalism is the best system ever created. He believes that it gives people freedom, choice in where to work and what to do with themselves. I disagree with him very strongly.
Because this enables businesses to become greedy and take what is not there's.
I quote, " we are no longer classifies by who we are, but by what we own......" In my opinion this personifies the idea of greed in capitalism, the idea that all is done for self benefit only. Ronald Reagan became the face of major corporations and Wall street saving them large amount of money. Don Reagan being the only man who could speak to the president as he did. Greatest firm leader of the world giving him power and influence, he as well was part of the press encyclopedia staff holding a high rank.Thus ultimately means becoming more like a business. This being a negative impact because it would strip