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BBC Finance Competencies

BBC Finance Competencies – June 2012

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The “Finance Competency” framework has been designed to provide a basis for assessing individuals during recruitment, development and performance management. It introduces a single set of criteria that can be used by individuals for selfassessment and by line managers to assess and develop staff on an ongoing basis. The premise for this design is that the fundamental competencies required will be the same across all finance roles even though there may be local differences of detail.
This framework has been developed specifically for the BBC to ensure its relevance to our organisation and work and BBC priorities. It is informed by the Core BBC Values which set out the behaviours, attitudes and skills the BBC looks for from its individuals, and by input from representative staff members. It has also been benchmarked against frameworks used by other best-in-class organisations.
Changes from Previous Competency Framework

Replaces ‘Know’ ‘Help’ ‘Do’ ‘Direct’ ‘Lead’ with Levels 1 – 4
Removes SEND requirement and replacing with Yes/No
Reduces number of competencies from 22 to 12
Shows examples of positive behaviours (not negative)

Benefits of Revised Competency Framework

Uses clearer language and removes ambiguous terminology
Reduces levels of competency from 5 to 4 (consistent with layers/ role type levels)
Competency indicators more concise and user friendly
Approach, layout and new set of competencies endorsed by BBC People
Aligned with Core BBC Values

BBC Finance Competencies – June 2012

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There are twelve core competencies as follows:

Communication – Written and Verbal
Relationship Building
Teamwork and Collaboration
Judgement and Problem Solving
Influencing and Persuading
Stakeholder Focus
Results Focus
Quality Focus
Planning and Organising
Leading and Motivating
Flexibility and Resilience
Developing Self and Others

BBC Finance Competencies – June 2012

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Each competency has four levels; building cumulatively from 1 to 4 (e.g. someone at 3 also has the competencies at 1 and 2).
They are:

Administrator (Grades 5 and below)
Practitioner (Grades 6 to 8)
Manager (Grades 9 to 11)
Leader (SM Grades)

The baseline competency levels for each role will be based on the above, but some roles will have a mixture of levels (i.e. 1’s and
2’s, 2’s and 3’s, 3’s and 4’s) as they will straddle the above job groupings.

This revised Finance Competencies framework has been developed as part of the Finance Effectiveness project. Benchmark competency levels have been agreed for every role in Finance.
The framework will form a key part of future performance appraisal and development discussions, with both the individual and line manager using the framework in development conversations to focus on how individuals can be supported to: a) build on existing strengths, b) bridge competency gaps (where these have been identified) in achieving the benchmark for their role and c) take responsibility for their own personal and career development to optimise their potential at the BBC.

BBC Finance Competencies – June 2012

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Delivers messages in a way others can understand
Listens, understands and interprets communication from others Uses range of communication methods appropriate to audience/situation 


Builds and maintains effective relationships across/outside


Responds positively to change and is receptive to new ideas
Adapts to changing situations
Proactively promotes change to others
Seeks to understand the drivers of change

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