Case Study Of Innovation In The Car Industry

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ABSTRACT The car industry has constantly provided us the consumer with a wide range of choices and varieties to suit our needs, but with the vast amount of competition how do car manufacturers attract our attention. Unique designs, impressive technology, price and customer service are all the areas consumers look for in a car, to meet these demands car manufactures need to constantly come up with new ideas to stay ahead of other competitors, introducing creative ideas which are better than what was in use previously is innovation. Innovation can also be implemented internally as it can help manufacturers be more efficient and reduce costs before products are released. Depending on resources and stature, each manufacturer will manage …show more content…
1.2 Project Aims and Objectives Aim: To identify an effective approach to innovation management in the car design and manufacturing industry. Objectives: 1. Identify current trends in the global car industry and their impact upon the European market.
2. Undertake literature research into engineering and business innovation management.
3. Identify case studies in car innovation management.
4. Compare theoretical models of innovation management with company case studies.
5. Make recommendations regarding the effective management of innovation in the car industry. 1.3 Project Structure To achieve the aim extensive research has to be undertaken in both innovation management and the car industry.
The project will start by looking at current trends in the car industry globally, as trends will differ around the world. By studying the global market and identifying the impact the global market has on the current European car market a clear understanding of the current car market and the rate of change will be presented.
The project will then consist of literature research into innovation management; this will include the scope of general innovation gathering different perceptions of the term innovation management. This section of the project will focus on innovation management covering both engineering and business aspects of innovation