Essay on Care of the Vulnerable Adult

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For the purposes of this essay the Elderly Care Scenario has been selected. The aim of this essay is to discuss the concept of vulnerability and why the patient in the Elderly Care Scenario is vulnerable. With reference to the NMC Code, the second part of the essay will discuss how the scenario demonstrates/does not demonstrate professional values and how the staff could have empowered the patient and demonstrated respect and maintained his dignity. The third part then discusses the anti-discriminatory issues within the scenario and how it could be promoted. The final part is a reflection on the assignment and the lessons learnt.
The human state of vulnerability is a concept of central concern
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The nurse by that very act had mismanaged the patient’s expectations and that of his daughter. Apart from that by her behaviour she reneged on her responsibility to share with the patient the information they wanted to know about his care and health (IBID).
Furthermore the nurse reappears after a while and demands to know how Mr Jones bowels were. The question is asked in a manner that makes Mr Jones feel embarrassed. This was a psychological violation as indicated in Eastman’s description of abuse. The nurse did not also, according to the (N.M.C. Code 2008), treat Mr. Jones as an individual and fell short of respecting his dignity.
Also the nurse did not, at least, from the scenario, enquire to know the routines of Mr Jones and at a point when he tries to use the toilet and calls for help there seems to be no nurse around. The scenario indicates that Mr Jones becomes incontinent when help delayed in arriving. Also the nurse’s comments on seeing the urine (“oh what’s that”) place the patient in an awkward position. The situation was made worse when Mr Jones was not cleaned up immediately. This fits into the definitions of neglect as identified by Eastman (1984) and Pritchard (1995). The staff did not also treat Mr. Jones with dignity as directed by the NMC Code (2008). Also the resultant in guilt feeling that someone has to clean his mess has a