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Upon completing the career interest profile, competencies, and work culture activities, I received interest feedback. Social occupations enjoy helping and providing services to others. They have excellent teaching and communication skills. I work better with details than ideas. My career often is starting and completing projects, while leading people and making difficult decision. My work culture includes career advancement, work different jobs at different locations. There are a chance to learn new skills and promotion. As a business planner, I prefer to give speech or lead groups. Possible employers are procurement clerks and executive administrative assistants. I will clearly define goals and expectations with no conflicting demands. As a social and community services manager, I would promote and defend equal opportunities; encourages organizational and individual responsibility toward the community and environment. Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorder Counselor will set clear define objectives, plan activities and project in advance and possible takes account of changing circumstances. Social and Human Services assistants indentifies and organizes resources needed to accomplish tasks, provides clear directions and motivates and empowers others. I will provide development opportunities and appropriate standards for behavior. Cosmetologists and hairstylists will allow me to enhance ones beauty and increase self esteem. In my spare time, I do manicure and