Careers For Kaplan As A Regionally Accredited University

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As mentioned in my note, all SSG/ALC Graduates who hold the below MOSs, can achieve a degree with the number of classes listed. Of course, no reason for them to wait to make SSG or attend ALC to enroll...when they can get started now with the required courses everyone has to take (Eng, Math, etc.):

Medics - 5 classes - Health Science Associates.
AG/HR - 9 Classes - Business Associates
Finance - 11 Classes - Business Associates
Supply - 10 Classes - Business Associates
Warehouseman - 10 Classes - Business Associates
Paralegal - 7 Classes - Paralegal Studies 
Infantry - 8 Classes - Criminal Justice Associates
Infantry - 10 Classes - Business Associates
Armor - 8 Classes - Criminal Justice Associates
Armor - 10 Classes - Business Associates

 Kaplan is also working on several other career fields now and a bunch more exciting programs that will save our Soldiers and Families even more time and money. those interested in the degree programs, can call Kaplan at (877) 809-8445. They also can go to When they call the phone number, they will be given a priority audit and 'Kid Glove' treatment. As a Regionally Accredited University, Kaplan can really help with educational needs from Associates to the highest degree program options!

Additionally, since the launch in 2012 of the AFF/Kaplan University scholarship program, we have awarded nearly 200 academic scholarships valued at