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Carolina News 14 Carolina News 14 is a 24 hour cable news service that only caters to the North Carolina area. Its emphasis is on local news and information in the state of North Carolina. The stations overall goal is to be, “compelling, accurate, and balanced” (Triangle News 14, 1). There are five major Carolina newsroom affiliated with Carolina 14. There is one in Raleigh NC that caters to the Triangle and Sandhills area, one in Charlotte NC, Greensboro NC, Wilmington NC and Newport NC that provide local news to the coastal Carolina areas. As for the content of Carolina 14 news, it is both general and broad ranging from local news, weather, politics, sports, and lifestyles seen both on televised programming and live video. However, if for some reason the viewer is unable to catch the local news as it airs on TV, they have also incorporated a website like many other media companies where you can go and view the information there. The website is:
Originally, the station was set to premier its 24 hour news channel in December of 2001 however after September 11, the debut was postponed until March 22, 2002. The reason why it had to be extended was because the stations employees originally had a scheduled training in New York City at the NY1 newsroom. Post September 11, the training had to be done elsewhere however the station was up in running in March just a few months following the tragedy.
Since this news station is Carolina specific, the only cable provider it can be viewed on is Time Warner Cable. They have a team of reporters, anchors, hosts and meteorologist that have dedicated themselves to providing the best local news possible. North Carolina prides itself on its down home values and southern hospitality and those same morals and beliefs are upheld by the team of dedicated individuals who represent this station. As far as sports are concerned, the state of North Carolina has some of the biggest in state rivalries in the country; such as the infamous Duke University vs. University of North Carolina and Chapel Hill. This loyal station does a good job of promoting and maintaining the relevance of this rivalry by reporting diligently on every loss/victory, tragedy, expansion, recruitment, and overall success that each of these prominent universities experience. It is no secret that people are influenced by what they read, hear and see. Whether it be word of mouth, through a newspaper article, or on the television or internet. One of the most significant methods of spreading and retaining information is through the media.
Every morning as North Carolinians wake up, get dressed and eat their morning cereal, they tune into Carolina News 14. Regardless of if they are critically or subconsciously listening to the content of the news broadcast, they are picking up bits and pieces of an opinion or idea about the issue being discussed whether it be political or general news. The same information they hear that morning in