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Casablanca The name of the movie watched in grade nine drama was called "Casablanca". The producer of this movie is Hal B Wallis, director Michael Curtiz, and music by Max Steiner. There were many great actors in this movie. The main actors being Humphrey Bogart as Rick Blaine and Ingrid Bergman as Ilsa Laszlo. Other actors who starred in the movie were Paul Heinreid as Victor Laszlo, Claude Rains as Captain Lous Renaud, Conrad Veidt as Admiral Strauser, Sydney Greenstreet as Mr. Ferrari , Peter Lorre as Ugarte and Dooley Wilson as Sam. Casablanca took place in Paris, France (1942) and in Morocco, Africa (1943). It took place in the early days of World War two. To start off, Victor and Ilsa come to Casablanca in Search for letters of transit. The letters of transit have no become into possession of Rick, who had an affair with Ilsa a year ago in Paris, France. Rick and Ilsa then try and use their influence with others to obtain the letters for themselves. In the end, Rick uses the letters of transit to send Victor and Ilsa away to America safely, and he then becomes friends with the local French police officer. The Bulgarian couple had a very interesting story in the movie Casablanca. They were a very poor couple who desperately needed transit tickets but couldn't afford them. A game was being played in the cafe where the Bulgarian couple was, and Rick rigged the game so that they would win all of the cash. The couple was then ecstatic that they could finally afford transit tickets and get away safely to America. I believe that the Author's message was self sacrifice; giving up what makes you happy for someone else to be happy. An incident in the movie where I was self sacrifice was when Rick gave up the transit passes so that Victor and Ilsa could get away safely. He knew that if he gave them up, Ilsa would be happy and safe. Another incident where the movie showed self sacrifice was when Ilsa had asked Sam to play "As time goes by". Sam knows that Rick wouldn't be too happy with this idea but he did it anyways to make Ilsa happy. In this movie, there were many different elements. A major element is romantic, the relationship between Ilsa and Rick and Victor. Ilsa is in love with Rick but has an affair with Victor. Rick is then torn apart but deep inside knows it's best for the both of them. When he later gives up the transit passes it shows that he really does still care for Ilsa. Another major element is suspense, when Ilsa approaches Rick with a gun in an unknown cafe to get the letters of transit and Rick replies with "Go ahead and shoot". This is a suspenseful part in the movie because it leaves the viewers wondering if she will shoot Rick or not. She ends up not being able to pull the trigger and confesses that she still loves him. Particular production values that I found good were the costumes. I personally liked some of the dresses that the women wore and I think that the overall "Old fashioned" clothing was different to see in a movie compared to now in our time. A production value that I didn't really like was some of the camera techniques. At some parts in the movie Ilsa's eyes were glazed too much and her skin looked very fake and porcelain like. I think that if they didn't use that technique as often the movie would have still been very much enjoyable. The last production value that I enjoyed was the acting. I felt that the main characters did a very good job of getting into their part and being emotional. I found it very easy to connect with each one of the characters. At one point in the movie Rick was very emotional when he was alone at the bar after finding out that Ilsa had an affair with Victor. It was easy to understand how Rick was feeling at this particular part because things like that in life can get really hard sometimes. Personally, I don't prefer old movies so it was very different to watch compared to movies now. However, I've seen a few black and white movies and found the acting