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3. It’s important to manage resistance by employees during a transition, especially when some prefer to perform their traditional duties. This requires implementing a plan that targets the behavioral concerns of an employee. Theories that can improve motivating problems when work is standard, repetitive, or is going through a transition.

Firstly, in order to increase employees’ motivation to participate in the environmental projects would be to create a hierarchy within the projects’ organization. This implementation would encourage involvement in the company’s corporate social responsibility program by increasing employee responsibilities to the most dedicated members of the organization. In addition, this would also allow less motivated employees to have access to a position within the program that requires less time\work. Therefore those employees could concentrate further on their usual duties.

Secondly, the organization should create a job enrichment plan. This would create the effort given by the employees more rewarding and satisfying by adding more meaningful tasks. They could concentrate on fulfilling the high motivational needs of employees, such as self-fulfillment and self-esteem. This could have a relation with out first alternative. The organization should use Herzberg’s five factors for enriching jobs and thereby motivating employees: Achievement, recognition, growth, responsibility, and performance. Giving employees greater role in decision-making process and