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The fit stop case study

Wei Zheng


Susan Superfit who is a founder of brand new sport equipment firm. The firm plans to specialize in this equipment and provide customers with personalized advice geared to customer needs. She hope her firm can help customer choice which equipment is more suitable. She came up with the idea for this business during her recovery. She found that most of seller lacked in knowledge for equipment; therefore, they often gave poor advice on how to use and choice equipment to customer.
According the case, Susan Superfit’ s key point is highly motivated and knowledgeable employee with a concern for customers and are able to work as a team. Even if, there has a high sale price than other firm, they can successful based on their high quality service.

How to provide this service?
Fit Stop will employ a physiotherapist and a person with a bachelor's degree in kinesiology
Fit Stop employ a manager with a Bachelor of commerce degree and some sales staff, who will have at least a high school diploma.
Due to the opening hours, 8-12 sales staff will be needed at each store, open 9:00 to 9:00 weekdays, 9:00 to 6 Saturdays, and noon to 6:00 on Sundays.
Up to date and advance supplier for new products, techniques, and customer service.

Which managerial strategy would be most effective for this firm?
There are three main strategy could be choice.
1. Classical- which assumes most employees are lazy and dislike work but can be convinced in order to satisfy their economic needs.
2. Human Relations- assumes employees dislike work but can be induced to work in order to satisfy their social needs.
3. High-involvement- assumes that work can be intrinsically motivating to employees if the organization is structured properly.
According the case, I believe that high-involvement strategy would be the best choice to implement. This strategy make job interesting and challenging. Also, it can provide employees with control over the planning and execution of work. In addition, since the there are no two same customer, this strategy make job broader, involve more elements, and creativity.
Fit Stop employees need to work together. The High involvement make the work teams improve productivity and happiness by giving workers more autonomy and encouraging cooperative work efforts.

Which managerial strategy do you think Susan Superfit would prefer to use?
In the case of the Fit Stop, Susan give her employees the high level of training. She believes that her employees should be highly motivated, knowledgeable, have a strong