Case 11-4 Essay

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Case 11-4
SUBJECT: Determining the Functional Currency of Sparkle Company
Sparkle Company is a Nigerian diamond mining company. Sparkle is a joint venture, 50 percent owned by Shine and 50 percent owned by Brighten. Both Shine and Brighten are U.S.-based companies with their functional currency being the American dollar. Sparkle Companies functional currency is that of Nigeria, being the Naira. During 2009, Sparkle had several transactions with its joint venture owners and outside parties. The details of Sparkle’s transactions are three loans, three expenditures, and one revenue stream. The loans the company took out were $1 million from Brighten, $1 million from Shine, and 300 million Naira from a local Nigerian bank. The expenditures
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By making the press release and communicating the termination plan to its employees , Pharma Co raised a valid expectation to those affected by announcement of the plan. Also, Pharma Co set the date when the plan will be implemented, the principle location affected, the part of the business concerned, the number of employees who will be terminated, and the expenditures that will be undertaken.
According to IAS 37, paragraph 80, “A restructuring provision shall include only the direct expenditures arising from the restructuring, which are those that are both:
(a) necessarily entailed by the restructuring; and
> (b) not associated with the ongoing activities of the entity. “
Thus, only direct costs must be accrued in the end of 2010: the lease termination fee $1.3 mln and the exit package for the terminated employees $3 mln. Cost of dismantling the old equipment