Essay on Case 8-1: No Response from Monitor No. Twenty- Three

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Paul Keller is a countdown technician for the Cape Kennedy complex in Brevard County, Florida. Mr. Keller, his wife Naomi, and their young daughter moved from Minneapolis during the Space Age. Hoping the relocation and the new job would make their family problems disappear, Mr. Keller embraced the challenges at work. While at control monitor 23, Mr. Keller participated in the countdown safety checks. When he had completed his data entry his mind wandered and he began to day dream. He though about how his job used to be interesting and challenging as well as his families excitement the day they moved to Brevard County, Florida. Mr. Keller’s day dreaming stopped; he was losing track of his work. Now he is going to hear about …show more content…
Taking management out of the office allows the organization to be in contact with all employees, giving a manager the opportunity to hear how people are feeling about their work. It also gives managers a chance to see the behavior norms of the employees so they would be able to identify when employees begin to have problems. Having this type of relationship makes employees more comfortable and apt to being open to talk about their problems or be willing to receive help. (”Management by walking,” 2008) Expressing compassion and concern instead of immediately taking disciplinary action it the case of Paul Keller as well as providing immediate medical attention in case he did have a stroke or a mental breakdown would help Mr. Keller and his anxiety. 

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