Crisis Action Plan Essay

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Emergency Action / Continuity of Operations Plan


Fort Worth Police Department

Activation Instructions

The Fort Worth Police Department Crisis Response Plan should be activated by the Chief of Police or, in his absence, the acting Chief of Police, for any event determined to be disastrous to the citizens of and visitors to the City of Fort Worth, Texas.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction 3 A. Purpose 3 B. Applicability 3 C. Policy 3 D. Objectives 4 E. Assumptions 4 F. Organization 5 2. Critical Organizational Functions 6 3. Planning Scenarios 7 A. Natural Disasters 7 B. Man-made Disasters 8 C. Fictitious Disasters 9 4. Contingency Phases 12 A. Pre-crisis Phase 12 B. Response
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Therefore, the patrol and traffic computer terminals should have access to addresses of all officers in their district. Access should be activated by authority of the crisis management team.
During a crisis, the Emergency Preparedness/Incident Command (EPIC) team should provide rest, rehabilitation, and hydration for all officers and civilians responding to and participating in the incident. This is especially needed due to the climate of our city and for the maintenance of diligence and awareness of each officer. A rested and comfortable person can better respond to meet the needs demanded by the crisis. 3.
Planning Scenarios
In the event of any disaster, all members of the Crisis Management team should assemble at the Tactical Operations Center (TOC) in the Fort Worth Police Department (FWPD) Headquarters. They should be notified by FWPD dispatchers via land line, cell phone, and email. Any member that cannot be reached within fifteen (15) minutes should have a radio patrol unit dispatched to his home address for notification.
The backup TOC should be located at the FWPD training academy. All mobile command posts should have the capability to act as a TOC if the primary and secondary TOCs become untenable. The chain of command of the FWPD should be observed in the absence of, or lack of communication with, any supervisor.
The Crisis