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MGMT530 – Conference Decision
Week 1 Case Analysis
1. Define the decision problem: One major problem that is not allowing me to make a quick and rational decision is the fact that 200 individuals were already committed and paid for this trip to attend the conference in Louisiana. Unfortunately it will be virtually impossible to attend Louisiana for this conference due to the hurricane that is currently taking place. The hurricane that is taking place is causing me to make a decision on how I will make sure that this conference is still going to take place.
2. What is the general nature of the problem: I believe that the general nature of the problem is the fact that 200 individuals that were going to attend this conference already prepaid for all expenses including the registration fee.
3. What event triggered the situation: We all know that Mother Nature is uncontrollable and we can’t stop it from occurring, but Hurricane Katrina is the reason why I have to make a decision on how this conference can still take place, and for all the attendees to not have to lose an arm and a leg to attend.
4. Are we imposing any constraints on the situation: We will be imposing some constraints on how to make a decision that can meet everyone’s demands and won’t be a negative financial impact on their behalf. It is difficult to make this decision because it is in short notice and a lot of expenses have already been paid, so I do have limitations on making a decision that will make sure each of the attendees will continue to do business with us and still be able to attend the conference.