Case Analysis Summaries Essay

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Case solutions

Case 2: Intel: Strategic decisions in locating a new assembly and test plant.

Dalian in China is the most attractive site for Intel to locate Assembly and Test plant in terms of its low-costed workforce and high labor productivity with skilled workers, reliable and qualified power infrastructure, as well as a relatively open environment and the increasingly mature law and regulation.
|Criteria | |
|Power infrastructure (reliability/quality) |Sufficient to meet economic development |
|Water infrastructure (reliability/quality)
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In this case, however, the complexity could come down to the scientific nature. In other words, the standard of non-hormone beef related to potential and uncertain harm is vague that cannot be clearly defined.

Case 4: what is the force driving collaborative consumption?

The emergence of collaborative consmpiton could come down to the interdependent factors, namely, economic force, environmental force, technological force as and social force.

Economically, the global financial cirsis is a great contributor to the lifestyle change that discourages materialism and overconsumption, considering the increasing cost of living. In zipcar’s case, the considerable cost of fuel, parking and maintainance could lower the attractiveness of owning a car, while hourly renting a car is more economical and convient (Network Weekly News 2011).

Environmentally, the increasingly deteriorative ecosystem resulted from resource-consuming products such as cars and house (over-occupied land) urges people to be more responsible to their communities with environmental awareness. To mitigate the pressure on environment, choosing an environmental-friendly comsumptions which make full use of engergy and resources would be perfectly accptable.

Technologically, the