Guidelines For Preparing And Writing Case Assignments

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FIN 437 Guidelines for Preparing and Writing Case Assignments

In organizing your written report, it is suggested that you divide it into seven parts:

I. Executive Summary: An abstract of the report not to exceed one page. Include recommendations and a brief rationale.

II. Introduction: Present a brief summary of the important facts. Omit non-essential facts that do not affect the solution.

III. Problem: State the question or questions concisely. Add questions to those stated in the case if you think they are appropriate.

IV. Analysis: With the problems in mind, think of and search for alternative courses of action that would be feasible. Research is necessary at this stage. Consult general texts and special references pertinent to the problem. If business conditions at the date of the case affect the solution, find the appropriate facts.

Follow good practice in the use of footnotes, spacing, indentations, and other techniques that invite attention to important points and make your report easy to read. The make-up or form of your report is very important.

Avoid generalities. Express your ideas clearly. Support your ideas adequately by explanation, evidence, and footnote references. Be sure to include any data and information that are helpful in solving the problems. The strengths and weaknesses of alternative courses of action should be developed. The analysis should build to and support your recommendation.

V. Summary and Recommendation(s): This section should be brief and positive. An answer must be given to each of the questions stated in Section III.