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Global Sustainability
Eastman Kodak Company 2010 Annual Report

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Kodak is pleased to present our fifth annual Global Sustainability Report, as well as our 21st public report to include health, safety and environmental performance.


Issues Covered /Trends
Kodak is continually evaluating our sustainability priorities and aligning our focus with our current business model. Through observation and participation in various industry groups and
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To be sure, we had our challenges in 2010. Competitive pricing, rising commodity costs, and a weaker-than-anticipated economic recovery in developed markets hampered the performance of our more mature product lines, including Prepress Solutions, Digital Capture & Devices, and Entertainment Imaging. In each case, we are aggressively addressing the issues specific to each business to ensure a more successful 2011. For example, to address profitability and demand challenges in the digital still camera market, we are pursuing a transformative strategy for our digital camera business that is focused on margin improvement and the growth opportunity for our successful line of personal video cameras.

“To be sure, we had our challenges in 2010.”
Because we did not meet all of our goals in 2010, we have adjusted compensation accordingly. In particular, while we were successful in achieving total segment earnings within the range that we had expected, we missed our targets for cash generation and digital revenue growth. As a consequence, all executives, including senior officers, received only a fraction of the