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How to utilize data to help customers’ needs better:
Day mentioned, “But according to the data, we’re not always meeting our customers’ expectations in the area of the customer’s satisfaction.” The key to market research is not just gathering data but also knowing what to do with it. Starbucks need hard data to measure and monitor customer satisfaction—consistently and regularly. Some of the first step is to know how satisfied are your customers? Are they more or less pleased with your company than they were last year? How does your customer satisfaction level compare with that of your competitors? What impact does it have on your company’s profits? To go about this Starbucks can make a plan on how to gather the data or need a customer satisfaction research strategy and program. Day also mentioned, “We’ve found that a lot of the cards are being given away as gifts, and many of those gift recipients are being introduced to our brand for the first time. Not to mention the fact that the cards allow us to collect all kinds of customer-transaction data, data that we haven’t even begun to do anything with yet.” Some of the techniques they can use are surveys and motivation research which is what motivates the customer to buy. Secondly interpreting the data, finding out what must be interpreted to be made sense of and to determine what choices they have available. This information or data gathered is organized according to the problem they are trying to solve. A conclusion can be drawn on what the next logical step to take is, once the data has been interpreted. According to (Exhibit 9), the satisfaction scores were considered critical because the team also had evidence of a direct link between satisfaction level and customer loyalty. It explained that highly satisfied customers visit Starbucks would pay more for a ticket that made the company feel the average life span they will continue coming to Starbucks.

Determine between Starbucks and other shops:
Starbucks competitors in the coffee beverage sales include 7-Eleven, Dunkin Donuts, McDonald's, Panera Bread, and Einstein Bagels. In terms of perception, 7-Eleven and Dunkin Donuts provide coffee in a "no-nonsense fashion", which attracts customers who are extremely price sensitive. Starbucks' success was prompting a…