Essay on Starbucks Case Analysis

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Contents EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 2 I. BRIEF INTRODUCTION OF STARBUCKS 3 II. MAIN ISSUES OF THE CASE 3 1. Situations: 3 2. Strategy: 4 III. ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS 5 Question 1 5 Question 2. 6 Question 3 7 Question 4 9 Question 5 11 Question 6 12 Question 7 14 Question 8 15 Question 9 16 IV. CONCLUSION & RECOMMENDATIONS 18

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Our report is about analyzing Case 24: Starbucks in 2012: Evolving into a Dynamic Global Organization in the lecture Crafting & Executing Strategy. Starbucks case analysis is very important due to increasing our understanding of what managers should and should not do in guiding Starbucks to success, enhancing our sense of business judgment and achieving actual
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Furthermore, the company is confronted with a change in customer perception.
Besides their commitment to selling quality products, Starbucks is one of the most socially engaged companies in North America. From ethical outsourcing, promoting diversity within the company, community involvement and youth leadership, as well as being environmentally conscious, Starbucks has created a brand that has proven to be extremely marketable and profitable in the ever-growing socially conscious society.
The future of Starbucks is promising. However, in order to continue being market leaders Starbucks needs to continually strive to be innovative and creative. Starbucks must continue to take progressive leaps such as: technological and social media engagement, as well as remain committed to the socially conscious pillars the brand has been founded upon. We are recommending the firm with a long-term focus on returns.

2. Strategy:
The strategy that Starbucks uses is broad differentiation where they seek to differentiate their product offerings from rivals’ with attributes that will appeal to a large variety of consumers.
Besides, their success is linked to the success of using sourcing strategy. They committed to offering ethically purchased and responsibly produced products of the highest quality. They seek to serve high-quality coffee that is responsibly grown and ethically traded. They do this through our