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1. According to the News Medical website, Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) or atherosclerotic heart disease is the end result of the accumulation of the atheromatous plague within the walls of the coronary arteries that supply the myocardium (heart muscle) with oxygen and nutrients. (News Medical, 2013) 2. 190 pounds x 4.88 = 927.20 927.20 36 = 25.75 = 25.8 3. Based on the fact that Mr. S. shows chest pain upon exertion, given his family history with his brother, his current health status, Type A personality, smokes 2 and ½ packs a day, elevated serum cholesterol levels, elevated blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes is proof that he does have clinically significant Coronary Artery Disease (CAD). 4. The lifestyle modifications that I would recommend for Mr. S. are as follows:
Quit smoking – Recommend that Mr. S. reduces or eliminate his 2 and ½ pack a day habit. Encourage him to join a cessation program or possibly explore the use of therapeutic aids if he needs some help. The smoking allows the nicotine from the cigarettes to constrict his blood vessels which causes the monoxide to damage the blood vessels inner lining that makes them more susceptible to atherosclerosis.
Exercise and Weight Loss– The American Heart Association’s website recommends 30 minutes of moderate intensive exercise 4-5 times a week. (A.H.A, 2013) Walking is one of the main components of cardiac rehabilitation along with diet, smoking cessation, blood pressure and cholesterol management.
Diet – Would recommend Mr. S. follow a reduced cholesterol and saturated fat diet. Decreasing his saturated content in his diet is the first step at reducing his cholesterol levels. Would recommend that, “no more than 10 percent of his calories come from the saturated and no more than 300mg of cholesterol should be consumed.” (Seidel et al, 2005) Also, included in the recommendation would be to limit caffeine and alcohol intake if any. Would include that Mr. S. learn to read food labels. Suggest that he bake, broil, steam foods and eat the recommended amounts of fruits,