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ECE 121
Case Study #1 1) When it comes to Jose’s short-term health, I believe he will gain more weight leading to a low self-esteem. Considering all the unhealthy food choices he makes, such as potato chips, soda, and fruit drinks. This in the long run will have a huge impact on his self-esteem and the way he sees himself. As for his long term health, if he keeps up with such an unhealthy diet it could lead to obesity or even diabetes. On the bright side if both Jose and his mother decide to make smart choices their whole lives could change for the better. 2) When it comes to Jose’s safety, I’m highly concerned with him spending so much time alone. It’s absolutely not safe considering he is so young, and is in need of adult supervision and more than anything guidance from an adult. From walking home alone from school and being alone at home until his mother gets home, is very dangerous. I really think he should be enrolled in some sort of after school activity or at least have someone watch over him. 3) Jose is at risk for several health problems if there aren’t any changes made in his lifestyle. Like I mentioned before, he is at risk for diabetes and obesity. Even his pediatrician is concerned about his weight, meaning that it should serve as a good warning to his mother as to how it’s very important that change is made. Not to mention, Jose’s mother suffers from high blood pressure which should in some way help her see the importance of being healthier in order to not only help her health but her son’s as well. I believe a doctor should have a serious talk with her in order to inform her of the importance of a healthy diet, so that then she will be motivated to be healthier. 4) As for environmental risk factors that could be contributing to their health problems, they could possibly live in a polluted city. Which I know