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Case Study Choice #2
A. With the fact that experts agree that over 70 percent of all illicit drug users in the U.S. are employed and the fact that Castulon Corporation has already found that there is a drug problem within their organization they should in fact implement a drug testing program to combat the issue (Ivancevich, 2010). The drug testing policy would begin with all current Castulon employees being briefed on the importance of keeping a safe and drug free work environment and that the policy is ultimately for the protection of them as employees and the end users as they rely on the quality of the company’s products. Once everyone has had the briefing they would be required to sign a release form stating that they will submit to random drug testing and will comply with the new drug free work environment policy. Each subsequent employee would also receive the same brief and be required to sign the same release form as part of their onboarding process. The policy that would be implemented would pool at random a small number of employees from each section of the company and have them submit a urine sample for testing. To keep costs down, only a percentage of the samples would actually be initially tested and if the tested samples all come back clear than the group is deemed acceptable as a whole. If one or more of the samples that are tested come back positive than the whole group is then tested to find which specific samples are positive for illegal drugs. Those who are found to have submitted a positive sample would immediately be pulled for an additional sample in order to rule out a false positive. If the second test comes back positive for illegal drug use than the employee is immediately terminated for the use of illegal drugs. With this type of policy in place it keeps costs down by only testing a small percentage of the already small percentage of pooled employees, but still deters the use of illegal drugs because employees would never know when they would be selected to give a urine sample or if their sample would even be one of the samples pulled for actual testing.

B. The most difficult challenges the organization faces in implementing a drug program are that first, ensuring that the organizations current employees are not made to feel as if they are being punished by the implementation of this program, but are being protected by it. The implementation briefing that all employees would receive if done correctly, should help to put the employees at ease with this program. The second challenge with implementing this program is the actual program startup. Establishing how many people from each section would be pulled at random to make up a test group, deciding what percentage of the group would actually be tested, and establishing how often and where the tests would be conducted. Finally, the last challenge with implementing this policy is deciding how the company would go about re-staffing the positions lost in a timely manner with the initial implementation of this program. With implementing this program, employees that are already using and addicted to illegal drugs are eventually