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1) In what ways can Bobbie improve her diet to prevent getting colon cancer in the future? What specific foods are high in water content that would benefit her? What is the role of fiber in prevention of colon cancer? List 6 foods that are high in fiber content. Bobbie can improve her diet by decreasing her intake of meats and fats, and increasing her intake of fruits, vegetables, and calcium. Consuming food that is high in water content would benefit her. This is food like lettuce, cucumbers, watermelon and celery. Fiber can cause a dilution of carcinogens in a bulkier stool, more rapid transit of carcinogens through the GI tract, and lower colon pH resulting from bacterial fermentation of fiber. Foods that are high in fiber include strawberries, bananas, whole wheat bread, brown rice, lentils, and pistachio nuts.
2) Discuss how Bobbie is at risk for digestive problems based on her current diet. Be specific and use pages from your textbook to support your answer. What is the screening tools for early detection that Bobbie needs to consider.
Since her father was diagnosed with colon cancer that means that she is at higher risk. Bobbie has most likely been eating a lot of meat and fatty foods and that combination with her family history puts her at risk (p. 134). She needs to consider having a colonoscopy to detect if she has colon cancer.
3) Bobbie asks what she should be eating to decrease her chances of colon cancer for herself. Research colon cancer and diet