Case Study 3 Essay

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Case study 3

1.) who needs a Porsche? Porsche is a unique car company, because their customers don’t necessarily need a Porsche but they want the luxury of a Porsche.
The customer can find value in the Porsche simply by its name and the other people that you see driving a Porsche. No one sees someone driving a Porsche that does not think to themselves that person must be successful, and that is value in its self. The price also has to do with the value, because Porsche must set the price high enough that only a certain type of individual can afford it, but not so high that no one will buy it.

2.) The type of customer that wants Cayenne is probably someone that has a family, but still wants the prestige of driving a Porsche. They are able to find value in all the features that the Cayenne offers.

3.) I think the concept that explains this the best is Maslow’s Hierarchy of need. Mainly only concerning esteem needs and social need. The reasoning behind this is because now that Porsche was offering a lower priced product it allowed a whole new group of people to but the car even if they could barely afford it. They might buy the Porsche for their social needs if they are trying to fit into a certain class that most people in that class drive high-end luxury cars. They might buy a Porsche for social needs if having something such as a Porsche make them feel better as a person.

4.) Positive attitudes are made toward Porsche mainly through their ability to meet