Mkt Case Study 3 Essay

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Marketing Management Case Study #3
Flavia Ana M. Guez
International American University
MKT 500: Marketing Management
Prof. Dr. Janice M. Spangenburg
May 24, 2015

Personal Purchase
In a market that is flooded with uncountable products, making a shopping decision might prove to be a challenge if you are uncertain about what exactly you want and need. The latest purchase that I have made today was a bag of dog food of the same brand that i`ve been purchasing for the past year.

Influenced through quality

The main reason why I chose to purchase “I & love & you” food for my dog is the excellent quality of their product. The ingredients are natural and organic, and there are no carcinogen fillers. Secondly, the brand offers a generous variety of flavors and meal styles, therefore I can alternate my dog`s diet without having to always look for some different brand. Third, their product is present in most of the health-food markets, therefore it is accessible for me to buy it.
Unfortunately, a less commercial brand of pet food like “I & love & you” doesn`t advertise in the mass media. I discovered this product by researching by myself all the options that were available for me and concluded that this was the best one.
The purchase of this brand mirrors my lifestyle, my ideals and my concerns. It is a healthy, all natural type of food with a lot of nutritional value and without the chemical compounds and fillers that are dangerous for consumption. I am a health oriented