Case Study Cocoa Delight Essay

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Case study: Cocoa Delights

Written statement describing organization (Step 1)
As a marketing manager for Cocoa Delights, this is the organization develop written statement;
“Cocoa Delights’ responsibility to continually improve all aspects in which we operate our business no matter in term of our products and services provide, but also environment, social and economic sustainability. Our vision is put into action through programs and a focus on environmental stewardship, activities that benefit society and a commitment to build shareholder value by making Cocoa Delights a truly sustainable company and offering meaningful value to our customers. In addition, we will shift from local suppliers of services to national ones. We are
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Environmental Law
Business sustainability- environmental issues of waste management and energy conservation. All Australian businesses can play a part in environmental management, and the laws affect directly on the business activities.

Because currently, Cocoa Delights stores have been designed to be bright and comfortable places to shop. We pay a high cost in electricity usage to run the lights and air-conditioners. To undertake a new law, we have create an innovative ideas which is we are going to renovate the store and design the store to use much sunlight at possible but we still need to keep and remain the temperature as the products condition. 2. Food standard requirements and ethical
Government is looking at is having the country of manufacture clearly stated on imported products, although allowing the industry to self-regulate. However, Cocoa Delights is strongly practice regulation. Our products are Australian made which can guarantee the quality, standards and employees working ethical requirements.

* The impact of the organizational strategic direction on current marketing activities

Our strategic direction is we now need to change our focus from local suppliers of services to national ones, and to think about opportunities to save money by gaining a wider geographic benefit and choosing media with a national reach.

The impact on current marketing activities are;

1. Our team need to do some