Organizational Marketing Objectives Essay

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In case study we have to appointed the new marketing manager for “Cocoa Delight” a chain of gourmet chocolate stores in Melbourne. According to case study, I must complete a viability report for each of the marketing opportunities.
The cocoa Delight has target to open 100 stores in Australia till 2016.For that they try to examine the two way either franchising or joint venture partner. The ceo help to provided with consultant report for the franchising option. They got proposal from the haigh’s chocolate on the joint venture option.

A. COST AND BENEFITS: 1. As per the IBIS report, the rate of interest are rising in very short period but expected to level out at
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These forces are continually in a state of change. Interest rates are in fact rising which is political analysis for the Cocoa delight. 3. Legal ethical requirements for the organization to address sustainability issues:
A government focuses mostly on the environmental issues of waste management and energy conservation. With the new law, they find new way to provide customers with what they want, without the high electricity usage.
Second issues that the government is looking at is having the country of manufacture clearly states on imported products although at present the government is allowing the industries to self regulate rather than pass laws.

4. The organizational strategy also can affect on current marketing activities. The customer loyalty lists had achieved a total of 34,500 and survey indicates that 58% of people in the targets market recognize the cocoa delight brand and what it represents. 5. Now we need to analysis current key products or services and major markets for strength, weakness, opportunities and threats. Creativity and innovation is the main strength of the success of Cocoa beans at prices that customers believe represent value for them but also provide the organization with the required margin and financials returns.
OPPORTUNITIES: they have opportunity to save money by gaining a wider geographic benefits and choosing media with a national reach.
THREATS: Cocoa delight’s competitors are selling