Essay on Case Study: Developing an Overweight Program

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Case Study: Developing an Overweight Program
Throughout history, the United States Army has had a proud heritage and reputation of being the greatest fighting force in the world. It has upheld this status by maintaining the physical fitness and appearance of its soldiers. Every soldier is individually responsible for his or her overall fitness and body fat percentage. In addition to this, every unit appoints a Weight Control Non-commissioned Officer (NCO) to ensure that established weight and body fat standards are adhered to and followed. It is the sole responsibility of the Weight Control NCO to identify soldiers not meeting the standards and develop a program in order to assists those soldiers in meeting the standards. If a
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Then with the assistance of the company’s Master Fitness NCO, he can develop a detailed plan on exactly what each soldier will be doing for his or her extra physical fitness training. Finally, because physical fitness is an individual responsibility, SSG Upton can simply inform the overweight soldiers that they are required to conduct extra physical fitness and leave it up to them whether or not they do it.
Providing Nutritional Advice When it comes to the problem of providing nutritional advice to overweight soldiers, there are two possible solutions. First, SSG Upton can talk with the company’s medical personnel to coordinate and schedule times for each overweight soldier to talk with a licensed nutritionist or dietician in order for him or her to develop a plan to eat healthier. Second, SSG Upton can set aside time to research nutrition and healthy diets. Then, he can counsel each overweight soldier on the fundamentals of eating a healthy diet.
Proposed Solution After weighing the key problems and their possible solutions, SSG Upton should develop his overweight program by following these steps.

Step One First, SSG Upton should ask 1SG Clark and the Company Commander to mandate a specific place and time for the overweight soldiers to meet with SSG Upton to accomplish each individual task. He should do periodic weigh-ins and tape tests at least once a month to track the progress of and