Case Study ECO Trans Essay

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Case Study 2: Analysis of ECO-Trans Project

Jose Rodriguez
Sothern New Hampshire University
Professor Steven Coleman

Project Definition
Astrid Varga, the project manager of ECO-Trans, a European-based company renowned for its efforts to cut down fuel cost and to reduce C02 emissions. The firm deals with the provision of “driver aide” systems that are used in land transport equipment such as trains, buses, and transport vehicles. The EC0-Stream company carries out the analysis of the current route of buses and trains, including scheduling arrival time, and advising the operator on techniques like gear or notch or when to break or coast to save on fuel. The prime client is Sunshine Rail Transit (SRT) – a light
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The problem intensifies forcing Lisa to remain silent on the issue. Despite a request by Schaller to intervene, Varga does not want to get involved in clients’ disagreements. She leaves the problem to the SRT’s conflicting departments.
Stakeholder Engagement and Resource Allocation
Nine months into the project, the ECO-Trans-SRT communication had been effective. The parties held team meetings weekly and exchanged information through emails or phone to ensure that all stakeholders were on the same page. Vargas was kind enough to prepare status reports every week to update the stakeholders on the project prospects. The conflict about terminals drew the attention of all stakeholders to the project and consequently, questions about the project began to flood into Roland Letessier who is the software expert at ECO-Trans. Roland also received countless emails from SRT’s Operations Planning Director with regard to interface customization. Frequent status reports as lamented by Letessier and other under pressure teammates, slowed down the progress of the project.
This situation forced Varga to consult with the project sponsor- Schaller - about the possibility of relaying information directly to him in her weekly status reports other than everybody doing it. Although Schaller agreed, he raised concerns that the weekly reports delivered by Varga were