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IDENTIFYING DATA D Data: Inmate is a 31 year old white male serving a 1 year and 4 months sentence for 2 COUNT of BURGLARY/DWELL/OCC CONVEY,GRAND THEFT 300/5000, and GRAND THEFT MOTOR VEHICLE . TRD: 7/30/18 Entered FDOC 4/3/17.Murder. He entered Department of Correction on 4/3/17 TRD is 7/30/2018 This is inmates first Florida prison term.

II REASON FOR ADMISSION: Inmate was admitted to Lake CI TCU on 9/28/2017 from RMC-Main Unit CI due to Inmate continues to experiencing auditory hallucinations, bizarre behaviors and delusiona thinking that would make his adjustment to the compound problematric at this time..

III RELEVANT MEDICAL & MENTAL HEALTH HISTORY: PAST PSYCH HISTORY: Per records indicate mental health treatment on and
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ISP goals: Delusions (problem #110) Hallucination (problem # 118), Aftercare Planning (problem #309), and Discharge Planning and readiness Skills (problem # 308) inmate ’s progress was reviewed by the multidisciplinary treatment team & revised on 5/11/2018 as indicated this inmate has not attainment of his treatment goals. Patient’s Response to Treatment: According to Multidisciplinary Treatment Staff the inmate has not attained his treatment goals and evidence were found smearing feces, dinking from the toilet commode, and urinating on self. He is experiencing bizarre behaviors such as pacing, bizarre affect, restlessness. Multidisciplinary team recommended that inmate should be transferred from TCU to CSU due to his self-harm towards himself and/or others, not willingness to continue medication management. His symptoms of Delusions and hallucination were significantly increase from 2/7 to a frequency of 5 out of 7. His bizarre behavior appeared to increase, and he has shown an increase in symptoms schizophrenia. The inmate has been recommended for transfer from the TCU at Lake CI to CSU setting, perhaps at Lake CSU, as he appears to have not reached the full benefit he is likely to receive at Lake CI TCU.

IV. CHRONOLOGY OF TREATMENT & PATIENT'S PROGRESS: Inmate is currently working on ISP goals: Delusions (problem #110) Hallucination (problem