Case Study Of Leadership

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Case Study 1
Today I had a client name Bill come into my office, he appeared to be in distress. I asked him to please sit down and before anything we prayed for Gods guidance. I then asked what’s on his mind and what’s going on in his life. He responded to me that his work is the problem and that he is not feeling contentment even though his salary is good and is a leader to a team of salesmen. He then told me that his team seems to be out of control considering the high competitiveness amongst each other and work against each other competing for their commissions. He asked me what he can do to improved this situation and wanted to become a better leader so that he can find happiness in his work.
This where I sat down with Bill and we talked about his objectives and priorities he has at work. I then had him take a leadership assessment test to see where he stands. After the assessment I was able to have a better comprehensive overview of what is separating him from his team. We then decided to create a specific plan to help him achieve his goals to become a better leader. These goals include building unity with his team by this he will increase energy level, increase focus and decrease friction and discontent in workplace. The next goal is “ministry of reconciliation” this is important because everyone needs some form of reconciliation and most importantly we talked about that we need to put God in the center of our life because without him we have nothing. Another subject we agreed on is he need to understand his group better by understanding their personalities. We started developing a simple action plan to start with and if needed in his next session we can adjust his plan by