Case Study: Traffic Guidance, Social Features Drive Waze Growth Essay

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The article (

The article is describing about a APP which provide GPS navigation and real-time traffic information, named as Waze. This app developed by Waze Inc. which is the first worldwide provider of community-based live maps and real-time road information. Waze want to help the drivers to reach their destinations smoothly in congested city. It collecting traffic information from every user who use the app in real time, if drivers carry a GPS-enable smart phone, Waze can collect the driver's location, travel speed and traffic information(such as accidents,construction)according to user's report. Then Waze can help other
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Because the function they provide also be provide in free applications, customers will not choose to purchase paid applications. While Waze is a free app, but it still faces stiff competition. After Internet giant company complete the internet portal layout, they have started into the life service market with “Search + Maps + Social Life” as the core, the Google and Apple is the most competitive two.

In march 2011, Google upgraded its map service, provide a new function to drivers, the fastest rout. In the past, Google Maps can only provide the shortest route, now it will calculate the most efficient travel route based on traffic conditions and whether on the highway. To face the direct competition From Google, the main advantages of Waze are:

Waze application can run on any smartphone system; So far, Google navigation systems can only be used on the Android Platform.
Google Maps need be update by Street car in a while, a lots of road information are inaccurate; Waze relies on users to update road information in real time, the traffic information more accurate.
Due to the restrictions of the real-time traffic information updates, Google only provides the new function in North America and Europe; While Waze have wider map coverage, especially in the relatively backward the area which no automatic traffic report system, the more obvious advantages of