Case Study: Universal Business Mastercard

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Universal Business MasterCard ®

CHEVRON, the Chevron Hallmark, TEXACO, the Texaco Star T logo and TECHRON are trademarks owned by Chevron Intellectual
Property LLC.

Convenience on the Road

 Drivers can save time by fueling at any fueling location that accepts MasterCard® in the U.S.
 Accepted at over 175,000 fueling locations across the country 

Keep drivers on the road by reducing their time spent looking for a fueling location

 Accepted at over 400,000 maintenance locations across the

Choose ‘Fuel Only Fueling Stations’, or ‘Fuel and Maintenance’ on each card



Universally Accepted,
Chevron and Texaco Preferred
 Earn up to 6¢ per gallon on gasoline and diesel fuel at U.S.
Chevron and Texaco locations
 For maximum rebate earnings, request that your drivers fuel at Chevron and Texaco locations whenever possible
 If Chevron and Texaco locations aren’t nearby, your drivers can enjoy the convenience of making fuel purchases at over
175,000 locations where
MasterCard is accepted

Rebates are on cents per gallon based on the number of gallons purchased at Chevron and Texaco locations per month. Credit will appear on your monthly statement.

† Purchases must be made with your Chevron and Texaco Universal Business Card and your account must be in good standing. Not valid on aviation, bulk fuel, propane or natural gas purchases.



You Can Control
How and When Drivers Use Their Cards

 Take control of each individual card, including the ability to deactivate cards, request new ones or change purchase limits
 Help reduce unwanted purchases by setting customized card controls 

59% of business with 11+ vehicles believe they would experience fraud and misuse when not having a fleet card program1

 Require a Driver Identification Number (DIN) and odometer reading to be entered for each purchase to help increase security and track vehicle performance

2009 Havill & Company study of Fleet Administrators.




You Can Control
How and When Drivers Use Their Cards (cont.)
 Set purchase limits on each card to help control spending including: 

Dollars per day, week or month

Dollars per maintenance purchase

# of transactions per day, week or month

 Set limits on where purchases can be made:

Fuel Only – Open to fuel purchases at the pump only.

Fueling Stations – Open to fuel purchases at the pump and inside the store. With fuel-purchase inside the store, driver is able to purchase one additional non-fuel item.

Fuel and Maintenance – Open to fuel purchases at the pump and inside the store. In addition, driver is also able to make purchases at maintenance locations and may purchase one additional non-fuel item. 5


Customized Reporting to Suit Your Business Needs
 Easy to read reporting helps keep you on top of your drivers’ fuel purchases 

Track your drivers’ activities by viewing where and when they make purchases to monitor fuel usage

Exception reporting is available to notify you of potential unauthorized purchases

Create customized reports online based on your business needs

 Reports available:

Customer Statement – billing invoice

Cardholder Management Report – provides details on each transaction for the cardholder, including miles between fill-ups, miles/gallon and cost/mile after each transaction

MasterCard Management Report – shows transactions made when a
Chevron or Texaco location is not nearby