Case Study on Communicating with the Millennials Essay

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Communicating With the Millennials Essentially, communication has become the most indispensable element in an institution in determining the organizational success. An institution cannot exist without communication, especially the type of communication that keeps the employees up to date and well-informed about the organization’s vision and strategies as well as to help every individual in the company to work together with a common purpose. The communication between the employer and its employees are vital because through communication, the employer is more able to understand each individual employee’s feelings which, then the employer can make an attempt to change an unsatisfactory situation into a satisfactory work environment. …show more content…
Instilling this, should help especially, when meetings are present so they are not actively on their devices. It should also help motivate the staff members, in their own personal ways to come together on the same social norms. A major disadvantage to this expectancy is that it desperately needs to have the upper management’s help to enforce the training sessions on a regular basis. If not, then there is a high possibility that the employees will just fall back into their comfortable routine if they do not have an enforcer.
On the other hand, Millennials are making their own mark and are making it ingrained. Some of their strengths that they have to offer are: optimism, able to multi-task, technologically savvy, comfortable with diversity, innovative, resourceful and collaborative. Granted, the Baby Boomers’ assets are: hard workers, adaptive, competitive to one another, successful, ambitious and open to changes and equality.
However, the organizational structure is becoming increasingly segregated. A more effective resolution would be to apply more concurrent engineering. Humans have a natural bond with other humans that they have similarities with. In the work environment, age and gender are obvious factors of these natural groupings. By creating a more blended work environment, such as