Fire Alarm Testing From My Apartment's Leasing Office

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Fire alarm test
This is a notification about fire alarm testing from my apartment’s leasing office, designing to mitigate the risk of fire. This control can prevent bad thing from happening.
The objective of this control is to make sure every alarm in every room is working; therefore every tenant can hear alarm and take appropriate action immediately when encounter fire. It ensures the safety of all tenants and maintains the good reputation of Mazza Grandmarc.
The risk designed to mitigate is the possibility that tenants are not aware of the fire when it starts. For example, when one tenant is sleeping, it is impossible for him to notice that the other side of the building is on fire if the alarm is broken. In that case, this tenant might lose the best time to leave and cause serious injury or death.
To operate this control, the staff in Mazza triggered the fire alarm and entered every unit and bedroom to test whether all alarms are work or not. In the mean time, they recorded it through a checklist. If it isn’t work, they will fix it as soon as possible. Therefore when an emergency happens, all tenants will be notified.
In order to test the control, I decided to look at the checklist first. If at the first check there are some alarm is broken, I will test whether the broken one is fix or not. Then I will set off the fire alarms and choose some rooms randomly at different areas of the apartment to test it.

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