catcher in the rye letter Essay

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Dear Phoebe,

Sorry it took so long to get this note to you, but I haven’t been able to find a piece of paper or a goddam pen ever since I left Pency. Everyone there was phony, except for a few of the teachers. I feel pretty bad because Mom and Dad are paying for my schooling and all. There's this one teacher, Mr. Antolini who gives me pretty good advice he is a good guy and pretty smart; I mean he probably has me figured out. This has been a helluva month. I don't think I shoulda gone there; after all I was flunking all those subjects. I think I’m gonna drop out of school forever and live on what money I have now.

I should tell you about Sunny I met her a few nights ago. She has a grown up job that makes a lot of money but I’ll tell you the rest when you get older. She coulda been a good girl like old Jane, but instead she killed off the little girl in her and replaced it with a sad woman. I gotta look for a job for when the money runs out so I don’t end up like poor Sunny. It’s a real goddam shame that such a smart kid like that would get such a crummy job.

Didn’t your school go to the Museum? I also met this little girl who said you were going, when I helped her with her skates. I was about to go into the museum, I walked over there and I was remembering what a good time I had there when I was young. I am getting all goddam depressed about Allie and how everything has changed. There is all the same crap that was there all these years but it just wouldn’t feel the same.

I’m beginning to miss Allie a lot. I wish you coulda met him; he was kind and very smart, you woulda liked him I just wish that he was around still and you got to be old enough to appreciate your other brother. It really