Catcher In The Rye Short Stories

Words: 452
Pages: 2

A wave, a purply- red wave of fizz that splashes on my tongue until I feel refreshed...

Earlier that day, I leaned against the freezing window, my breath fogging it up. Crystal flakes of snow covered everything. Only the dark green pine trees hinted color. The skies were gray and dull, no patterns, shapes or whisps.
“What can I do to stop winter?” I asked anxiously, still staring out of the thick window, armored with frost.
“You can do tiny, good things,” Mom said. “They add up and make a great day.” But her eyes were dull, still begging for warm weather. I reached out to hold my dog’s paw, briefly thinking about what she said, but not taking it personally.
“Kacey,” I whispered in her ear. “Let's make winter fun.” I said half-heartedly.
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Curiously, I tip-toed back a few steps backward and hid behind the counter.
Only my eyes peeked out. “What’s she doing?” I quietly asked myself. Kacey’s eyes glowed with cheerfulness and mischief. Her head bobbed from side to side, then in what seemed to be slow motion, she bended her knees, took a leap, and bounded on to the table, her legs kicking so high, I thought she would do a flip! Luckily, she landed perfectly, with only one squeak from the