Essay about Cathedrals: A wonder or a waste

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Aqueelah Muhammad
Western Civ.
7 November 2013

Dear Curators of the Metropolitan Meuseum of Art,
Cathedrals are a wonder od te past that have made their way into modern times. Adding an exhibit dedicated to Europe’s medieval cathedrals and showing that they are religious, cultural and artistic wonders would be greatly appreciated. In fact opening an sexhibit such as this would invite the people of today to explore the beautiful world of cathedreals.Even though some people wouldrathern the display to depict them as wastes reasons such as them holding sacred relics important to the christian faith, paving a new road for construction, and that they continue to be built to this day would defy those who disagree and believe that cathedrals are a waste instead of a wonder.
To begin, cathedrals are not only the houses of God, they also play a role in holding the relics and sacred ceremonies. The Chartes Cathedral is visited by a numerous amount of pilgrims, who have traveled to view the cathedral and marvel the famous relic that is the Viel of the Blessed Virgin Mary(s2). This evidence just goes to show that even thoough cathedrals are a wonder on their own and the relics held within them make it even more of a wonder than they already are. Although some may say that holding such relics does not make cathedrals a wonder, others would disagree on the grounds that these relics are so special and holy that the cathedrals the relics reside in are wonderous enough to hold them. Another aspect that makes cathedrals wonders of the world are their amazing structure and design. Some cathedrals were in the shape of crosses and others wee all about gaining as much height as posssible. No matterthe design of the cathdral they are the innovators of construction. In the medieval times urban centers would compete to see who could build the grandest and best cathedral(s5). During the competitions new ideas for construction and design sprung up. Not only that, people havd compared them to worlds wonders such as Niagra Fallsor the Grand Canyon(s3). Cathedrals would not be compared to these wonders of the world if they were not considered wonders.Maybe it’s the unique structure or the incomprehensible beauty but cathedrals are wonderes of the world that inspired people to continue on building medieval cathedrals today.
When things are special and considered wonderful it has a great effect on many people and is used or referred to