Cats: Of Mice and Men and Lennie Essay

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2 June 2014
English 9
Types of Friends
If it wasn’t for love and friendship in this world we would all be born alone, live alone, and die alone. In John Steinbeck’s book “Of Mice and Men”, it shows how two friends George and Lennie, would never leave each other. It also shows that you can always make new friends along the way. Here are a few types of friends that you might come across:
The listener
The Dad
The intellectual
The Listener
The listener is a type of person that only cares about others and is always true. Lennie is a listener because he loves when George tells him stories. After Lennie made George mad by the pool, he asked George to tell him a story about a farm (pg.13-14).
You know you’re The Listener when . . .
You are caring and completely selfless
You love to listen
Advantages to being The Listener
Your friend will always be able to cheer you up by telling you a story.
Disadvantages to being The Listener
You will always want your friend to tell you a story even if he/she isn’t in the mood to tell a story.
The Dad
The dad is the type of friend that you know as well as anybody. George is like Lennie’s dad. He takes care of Lennie but he is also blunt and hard working. Before and after Lennie got into trouble in weed, George was the one that took care of Lennie (pg. 1-5).
You know you’re The Dad when . . .
Your blunt
Your hard working
Your stubborn
Your supportive
Advantages to being The Dad
Your friend wants you around most of the time because you teach him/her lessons but you are also fun and you want them to succeed.
Disadvantages to being The Dad
Sometimes your friend won’t want you around because you are there biggest advocate and biggest critic.
The Inspiration
The inspiration is the type of friend that never seems to play by the rules. He or she will break the mold, but will always be