Cause And Effect Essay On Manifest Destiny

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Around the mid 1800s, several states in America tried to be admitted into the union. This not only caused tension between the North and South territory, but also caused westward expansion. Eventually, the U.S. believed that they were destined to expand from coast to coast which was known as the Manifest Destiny. During this time, events occurs such as The California Gold Rush, the Young America movement and things like slavery and expansion were taking place all along.

The term Manifest Destiny originated in the 1840s. It is a term used for the 19th century belief that the U.S. was destined for greatness and was going to expand across the North American continent. This attitude helped fuel western expansion and settlement, Native American removal, and a war with Mexico. The California Gold Rush brought railroads that spread
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In the South, 4 million Africans were enslaved and 4% of the white population made up the wealthy elite society. Many slaves were converted to Christianity by their masters because they weren't allowed to have their own religion and because large groups of slaves were prohibited to meet and have their own churches. The Underground Railroad would lead many slaves to freedom and one remarkable woman named Harriet Tubman would help transport slaves. Another influential lady by the name of Harriet Jacobs, wrote “Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl” which depicted life of women on a plantation and they're constant risk for rape by their slave masters.

The U.S.A started small with just thirteen colonies on the East coast, as time went by, people started moving west and this was based off an idea called Manifest Destiny. People believed it was a part of God's plan to spread American culture all across the North American continent. Proof that Democracy worked came out of this as well as established rights in Mexico until James K. Polk came into office and led to the breakout of the War with