Causes Of The Civil War

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American Revolution

Civil war
1861-1865 (3 years)
The war to end slavery 
Long Term Causes: Slavery was becoming a huge issue. Several compromises had been made but now compromises would not work. North wanted no slavery, south wanted slavery. The south breaks off from the Union
Immediate Cause: Abraham Lincon elected, outh succeeds, Ft. Sumter. 
Major Battles: Battle of Bull Run, Battle of Antietam, Sherman's March to the Sea, Battle at Gettysburg, Picket's Charge. 
Turning point: Battle of Antietam
Treaty: No treaty just the surrender of the Confederate army at Appomattox.

Desert storm
Military operations that started on January 16, 1991, with a bombing campaign, followed by a ground invasion of February 23 and 24, 1991. The ground war lasted 100 hours and resulted in a spectacularly one-sided military victory for the Coalition.

French and Indian war
Mostly Britain and France and Spain have at it with each other to see who would have rights to colonization in America. Most fighting done in Europe. Colonists became accustomed to fighting on their own. Most enough red coat to send over to NA to protect colonies. 
Long term Causes: 
Immediate Cause (spark): Fight over the Ohio 
Major Battles: 
Turning Point: Battle of Quebec 
River Valley (George Washington)
Treaty: Treaty of Paris 1763
France kicked out of new world had bitterness and resentment against Britain 
Great Britain had huge war debt. Looked to colonies to pay it off. Creation of new taxes.

Mexican American War
(1846-1848) The war between the United States and Mexico in which the United States acquired one half of the Mexican territory. Ended with Treaty of Guadalupe Hildago

Spanish American War
Shortest war; Consisted of the conflict between Spain and the United States over control of Cuba and the Philippines

The Great Depression

The Iranian Hostage Crisis

The Korean War

The Missouri Compromise

The Tariff of Abominations

A prolonged war (1954-1975) between the communist armies of North Vietnam who were supported by the Chinese and the non-communist armies of South Vietnam who were supported by the United States

War of 1812
A war between the U.S. and Great Britain caused by American outrage over the impressment of American sailors by the British, the British seizure of American ships, and British aid to the Indians attacking the Americans on the western frontier. Also, a war against Britain gave the U.S. an excuse to seize the